My name is Tim. I run to help people learn how to tread more lightly on our earth and pursue Zero Waste -- saving our environment, oceans, climate, money, and lives. Zero Waste means stretching to eliminate all trash and doing our best to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Zero Waste is both a goal and a journey. There are many women who are Zero Waste advocates (see below), so I'm here to provide a good male role model as well ;-).

Bicycling is one of the most impactful ways to go Zero Waste and it's fun! Also along the "Zero" theme, Vision Zero is an international effort to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. This involves re-engineering transportation facilities and better educating everyone. On the facilities side I serve on the Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission and Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Committee. On the education side I am a certified League Cycling Instructor who loves to teach people how to bicycle and do so safely. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bicycle Solutions, one of the companies I work with, has private and group lessons for those who want to learn to ride or ride better. I also work with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Santa Clara County Public Health Department and others.

2019 Save Our Seas Ride Across America

Climate Ride

From February 22 through May 27, 2019 I am bicycling 4500 miles over 90 days from San Francisco to Boston via two dozen+ aquariums to connect with people across the US; discuss Oceans, Plastic, Climate, and Kids; and raise $44,000 to protect our Environment. Fossil fuels are not only polluting our air and causing climate change, they are also dirtying our oceans with millions of tons of plastic that kill wildlife and even end up in our own food! What goes around comes around, so what we throw away (even what goes into landfills) eventually will come back to haunt us. If you are able, please support me at Save Our Seas 2019 with comments and/or a donation. I'm doing this for all of our kids and future generations. Donations big and small are all welcome as are supportive comments. I'd like to show people across the US that there are many people from different areas and walks of life who care about our oceans and our climate and our children. In your comments, please let me know why oceans and saving our world are important to you. If I can get 1000 people to support me, that means more to me than reaching my fund raising goal of $44,000. People are powerful. We have changed the world in many ways already and we have the power to improve our world. Connecting with each other is key to working together, which is why I'm doing this ride.

Why am I visiting so many aquariums? The Monterey Bay Aquarium was instrumental in educating me about plastic in our oceans and the New England Aquarium in Boston was the first international-class aquarium I visited as a kid. Aquariums are great ways for people to get to know our oceans and waterways and how important they are for life on earth. For more about my ride please see Save Our Seas 2019. Thanks!

Why Zero Waste?

Save money, improve health, reduce pollution, protect our environment. Waste is a waste.

For the sake of our children, species, and world, we should all pursue Zero Waste. It is the ethical thing to do. We have been given a beautiful world and it is up to us to take care of it. Otherwise mother nature will have her revenge eventually and our kids will suffer: Climate Change, Pollution, Disease, Famine, and War. Fossil fuels cause climate change -- best to leave them in the ground. Plastics (also from fossil fuels) are killing our oceans...

Skip the straw, save a sea turtle

A Passion for Zero Waste

Please watch my TEDx talk from April 2018. It shows why I am passionate about Zero Waste and a few of the things I do each day.

Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff is also worth watching. Inspired by Annie and Greenpeace, I now tweet a picture of each piece of trash I pick up along with an @ tag to the manufacturer and the hashtag #nomoretrash

How To Go Zero Waste?

Read and learn from any or all of the following.

The best Zero Waste books I've read (please borrow from your library or get electronic editions):

  • No Impact Man by Colin Beavan
  • Plastic Free by Beth Terry
  • Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson
  • The Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Live Well by Throwing Away Less by Amy Korst
  • Detrash Your Life in 90 Days: Your Complete Guide to the Art of Zero Waste Living by Katie Patrick
  • Big Chicken by Maryn McKenna

My favorite Zero Waste websites and blogs:

You can read about my own journey and discoveries on the way to Zero Waste at I don't post that often because most everything is so well covered by the above sources :-) . For more about me in general, see

Remember, Zero Waste is a goal and a journey. Don't worry about perfection, just do the best that you can and keep working at it.

So What About Our Governments?

While each of us can individually make a difference, we can make a much, much bigger difference if our governments support Zero Waste too. Here are the biggest current opportunities to pursue this:

  • Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act - a bipartisan, revenue neutral bill in the US Congress to reduce pollution AND reward citizens financially AND improve our economy!
  • Laws and development that encourage and protect bicycling and walking
  • Laws that encourage solar power and electric cars
  • Laws that reduce single use plastic

Getting our governments to make these changes takes a lot of hard work but they also have the biggest impact because they get the general populace engaged and moving in the right direction. Good governments by and for the people are key to a sustainably peaceful and healthy world.

Thanks for reading and taking care of each other, our kids, and our planet!